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Aeris has been in the Logistics Sector as a supporter and provider of Temperature Controlled Packaging and Solutions since 2001. To our transportation partners, our name has been associated with excellence, reliability, and innovation. As we step into another decade, we aim for expansion in order to enable our partners to better service their customers not only in forward logistics but also in return logistics, and in multi-use solutions that contribute to ESG ideals and practices.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are all about ensuring that critical trial specimens are sent back to research organizations and labs in a reliable, temperature-secure manner. We have been involved in Clinical trials since the early days for various organizations, especially in Asia Pacific. If you are in this space of testing, validation, and trials, speak to our specialists to know how we can enable your reach.

Pharma/ Bio-Pharma

We work closely with government agencies and have been working with companies in the Bio-Pharma and Pharmaceutical space. Our reliability, know-how, and bespoke solutions have enabled our customers to move products with peace of mind to their customers. As we grow, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to help our prospects and clients scale along with us.

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