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Dry ice replenishment test

Our Dry Ice Replenishment Service guarantees a steady supply of dry ice! We tailor our plans to suit your specific temperature-sensitive logistics, allowing you to maintain product quality while simplifying your processes. This way, you can remain focused on your core business, assured that your cold chain is in capable hands.

Education and Training

Our teams are passionate advocates for temperature control solutions. We’ve collaborated with a variety of institutions, including schools and universities, to provide training on the subject. Our dedicated specialists are always available to educate both customers and stakeholders about the significance of temperature control solutions and what they entail.



Aeris has evolved beyond packaging by offering consulting services to help establish solutions in your cold chain needs. We specialize in temperature validation and improved customer enablement. If you’re exploring new markets or need assistance, we’re here to work with you to achieve success.

Testing and Validation

We have in-house test chambers for thorough testing and validation, striving to surpass ISTA standards in cold chain solutions. Our dedicated Quality Analysts regularly conduct stress tests on our products to drive innovation rather than just maintenance.


White-Glove Service

At Aeris, we’re committed to exceeding industry standards by providing personalized, premium services. Our dedicated team ensures that your experience is not just about meeting expectations but delivering exceptional care and attention to detail. We’re here to make your service experience extraordinary.

Conditioning/ Packing Service

For customers who choose to save warehouse space and operational tasks without compromising the integrity of their shipments, we offer our facilities, equipment, and staff to condition, qualify, pack, and get ready their temperature-controlled packaging as a service.


Leasing and Refurbishment

Our leasing and refurbishment services are designed to simplify your logistics. We offer flexible leasing options and expert refurbishment to extend the life of your shippers. Our team provides hassle-free solutions, ensuring your equipment serves you well for the long term.

Just-In-Time Planning and Scheduling

Our just-in-time planning and scheduling services are all about efficiency. We specialize in optimizing your processes and timing to minimize waste and maximize productivity. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve streamlined operations through precise scheduling.


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